All members are encouraged to submit at least one photograph, and to “try something new” by submitting an entry in a category that they would not normally have photographed.


General Requirements:

  • This year, print images will be submitted to the competition..
  • All photographs will be judged by appointed judges.
  • Photos and any components must be wholly the work of the stated photographer. Photos submitted in a previous year are not eligible. Photos submitted for critiquing and mini contests may be submitted to the exhibition.
  • There will be ten categories. Each member is permitted a maximum of seven entries, with not more than one in any one category. Each member will be responsible for verifying that the photo fits the category description. Photos that do not fit the category may be disqualified by the judges or the Board.

Division Entry Requirements

There are three divisions for judging. Photographers must enter their photographs in the appropriate division, according to their experience and past results.

  • Bronze - Beginning Photographers
  • Silver- More Advanced amateurs
  • Gold - Experienced photographers

Members will be moved to the next level up if the average score for their photos (by the judges) is .50 higher than the average for your division. Example: You show in bronze and achieve an average score of 22.4. If the average for the division that year is 21.3, then you will be moved to silver and show in that division for at least one year. This allows members to move up and down in divisions.

Permitted Photo Alterations and Adjustments (These guidelines pertain to all categories except "Creative" Photographs).

Manipulation and modification of photos is limited to the following: resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, red eye reduction, minor restoration, minor color enhancement or softening, and minor sharpening or blurring. Processing techniques such as levels, saturation, sharpening, high dynamic range and panoramic stitching are permitted so long as they appear natural. Minor elements may be removed from a photograph, but no addition of any element to a photograph is permitted. All modifications must appear as natural. Any alterations in excess of this will require the photograph to be placed in Creative Category.

Judging of Photographs

Three judges will be selected to judge the entries in accordance with generally accepted judging standards. Judges will assign first, second, and third place awards and possibly one or more honorable mentions in each category and division. Judges will also choose photos for “Best of Show” and "Best of Division" as well as a Judges Choice Award for each division.  In addition, the public will be able to vote for their favorite photo in each category for the 'Peoples' Choice Award'. All winning photographs will be printed and displayed in the hallway outside the Kokopelli Room until the following year’s exhibition.




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