Categories for the 2024 Photo Competition


  1. Black and White – Images with a gray scale ranging from black to white.

  2. High or Low – A photograph of something above you or below you either from a low camera angle or high camera angle. 

  3. People at Work or Play – Photographs where people are the focus in a natural setting of work or play that helps tell the story of who they are or the activities they enjoy. 

  4. Photo Travel – Photographs of landscapes, historical buildings, cultures, and people in a specific place and destination to document a certain place and make others wish they were there.

  5. Touch of Red – Photographs that include the color red to capture the attention of viewers and draws focus away from the surroundings and towards the subject.

  6. Textures in Nature – Photographs that concentrate on color, form, texture, lines, or other aspects of an object in nature. It should visually describe how something feels (smooth, rough, etc.) 

  7. Song Titles – Take any song title and make a photo to express it (Dancing in the Street by Martha Reeves; Cold as Ice by Foreigner, etc.) Make sure to title your image with the song title in it (maximum characters of 25). Title will be read aloud to judges.

  8. No Sky Landscape – Photographs of landscape that do not contain the sky and clouds. 

  9. Sunset or Sunrise – Photos showing the rich colors and dramatic lighting of the sunset or sunrise.

  10. Open – Any image is eligible for this category. 


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