2025 VP Photo Exhibition Categories and Descriptions

 Thoughts to remember when photographing:

  • keep your image clean, simple and sharp
  • be intentional in what you are photographing, is it clear what your subject is?
  • tell a story or try and evoke emotions with your photos
  • zoom in and out accordingly
  • black & white is allowed in any category but is it more impactful than a colorful image?
  • look for inspiration on google, dpchallenge.com, & other photographer's images

1)     Doors and/or Windows: the subject must predominantly be doors and/or windows.

2)     Wildlife: any animal not domesticated, no horses, No "hand of man" in the photographs such as a fence/telephone pole/any man made object,

3)     Flowers: the challenge is to be unique with your flowers, a portion of a flower is acceptable

4)      Close Up/Macro: showcase a subject larger than it is in real life, an extreme close-up of something small, for ex: an insect or cornflake that fills the entire frame

5)     Minimalism: emphasize sparseness and simplicity, shy away from overabundance of color/pattern/information, "less is more"

6)     Pets with Their People: this is self explanatory, eyes must be sharp on pet and people, preferable to have the eyes of pets as well as people showing

7)     Pathways: use walkways or trails as opposed to roadways, look for leading lines ors-curves,

8)     Arizona: must portray Arizona in the subject matter, photo must be taken in Arizona

9)     Broken: anything broken, be creative

10)  Open: anything goes





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