We are privileged to feature some photos from club member, Don Gibson.


Thank you for choosing me as your featured photographer. I have been involved in photography for over 60 years. I started as a teenager when I would accompany my father, who enjoyed painting landscapes, on hunts for scenes he wanted to paint. He would photograph them for later use. I eventually bought my first camera, a Minolta SRT-101 and began taking my own pictures. For many years I took family and vacation “memory shots”. When I retired, I decided I wanted to “create images” and joined two photo clubs. The Central Okanagan Photographic Society is in Kelowna British Columbia near where I live and The Photo Club here in Viewpoint where I do the snowbird thing. Both of these clubs have exposed me to some great photographers who have inspired me to improve my techniques in both capturing the image and processing it. I enjoy trying new techniques such as macro, black & white and night photography. I often challenge myself to walk through a city park or community garden with just one camera and lens to see what I can find. I am a certified car nut so I love taking pictures at car shows or racing events. I was not a fan of post processing until someone showed me how to reduce haze in my images and the colours suddenly improved dramatically. I am now a fan of Lightroom and enjoy finding older images in my catalogue that I can improve with some additional processing. I believe that the goal in photography is to create an image you enjoy and how you achieve that is up to you!


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