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Exhibition Rules


Bronze Division

Silver Division

Gold Division

Download .pdf version of 2019-2020 categories


A: Weather and Natural Phenomena:- shots showing Inclement weather, Water droplets, Clouds, Summer rain, Lightning Storm, Snow, Rainbow etc.


B: Old or Abandoned:- People, equipment, buildings, practically anything fitting into the category of old or abandoned.


C: Design: - Photo emphasising a pattern, line, repetition, shape.


D: Night Photo:-Any subject, must be obvious photo it is taken at night.


E: Doors and/or Windows:- doors or windows must be the main focus of the photo.


F: Animals: Any Animal including, Domestic, Pets not including birds, Farm, Wild, Zoo.


G: Motion or Stop Action:- May be any subject but must show evidence of movement or action stopped.


H: Birds:- One or Many.


I: Trees:- not shrubs or just the flowers. Must be distinctly a tree.


J: Open:- Any subject, may include closeup, altered photo, black and white, anything you want to present.

You may submit up to 10 photos but no more than 2 in any category. Keep in mind that when submitting more than one photo in a category, you are competing against yourself.